Workplace Mediation & Consultation

Stressed ManOur work for most of us takes up a major portion of our time. If our worksplace is stressful because of conflict with managers and/or co-workers, then the workplace can be vulnerable to a lack of productivity, low morale, increased rates of absenteeism,sick leave, and staff turnover. Our workplace mediation services are designed to assist workplaces suffering from internal and unresolved conflict by first providing a thorough assessment and recommendations to resolve the conflicts. Managers and employees directly affected by the conflict are encouraged to participate in a mediation process. The mediator meets with each of the parties in a pre-mediation meeting to learn about their goals and prepare them for the mediation. Joint meetings are held until the conflict is resolved, an agreement is then written up by the mediator and management are encouraged to approve and support the plan.

Meeting in ConflictWorkplaces can seek assistance for a variety of reasons. Examples include conflicts that result in arguments between staff, allegations of harassment and mistreatment, staff going on sick leave that is stress induced by the workplace, and an atmosphere characterized by negative gossip and complaints. Workplaces may want to include team building as part of the resolution process. Our team building services include identifying team strengths and areas for improvement, designing a group program for the team that promotes team cohesion and facilitating the team sessions.

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