Family Business Mediation & Consultation

Family BusinessFamily owned and operated businesses are becoming more common as self-employment becomes more and more attractive as a means to earn a living. Family businesses have a number of advantages such as providing employment for family, keeping income in the family, income splitting, and providing a sense of a common purpose for the family. However, when family relationships become strained due to personal or work conflicts, the business can also suffer. Family businesses are vulnerable to relationship conflicts because of loyalty issues, jealousy, competitiveness and alliances that exclude some family members. The boundaries between the personal and business relationships can become blurred and start to negatively affect the business. A marital separation between the founders and owners of the business can be devastating to the business unless it is managed effectively.

Family members directly affected by the conflict are encouraged to participate in a mediation process. The mediator meets with each of the parties in a pre-mediation meeting to learn about their goals and prepare them for the mediation. Joint meetings are held until the conflict is resolved, an agreement is then written up by the mediator and if necessary, arrangements are made to have a lawyer draw up legal documentation.

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