Extended Family Mediation

Family in DiscusssionOur extended family members can play a significant or alternatively a minimal role in our lives. This often depends on our family history, our culture and how closely attached we are to them. Grandparents, parents, aunts, uncles, cousins and siblings comprise our extended family. Extended family can have a supportive and loving place in our lives, they also can create painful conflict, interfere in our primary love relationship and become a positive or negative influence in our children's lives. A spouse for example can feel caught in the middle between an extended family member and a member of their immediate family. Special occasions such as Christmas become filled with tension and may even be avoided. Alliances can develop where family members take sides and a split develops in the extended family. Children may also be drawn into the conflicts as they are encouraged to take sides.

Child in StruggleFamily members directly affected by the conflict can be encouraged to participate in a mediation process. The mediator meets with each of the family members in a pre-mediation meeting to learn about their goals and prepare them for the mediation. Joint meetings are held until the conflict is resolved. An agreement can be written up by the mediator. Successful resolution of the conflicts results in a reduction of tension and more harmonious relationships.

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