Couples Counselling

Happy CoupleA healthy relationship is one of your most important assets! Without it, you and your partner are not only unhappy but also are more vulnerable to mental and physical disease. My Couples Counselling services for adults who are married, co-habitating or living apart gives couples the opportunity to explore sensitive concerns and issues together within the safety of a confidential counselling setting. My approach is solution focused so that couples are helped to understand their concerns and then to develop a plan for resolving them that is practical and realistic. Goals for change are developed and where appropriate, homework assignments are suggested to assist couples to try out new and more effective solutions. Advice, feedback and practical suggestions by the counsellor give couples an objective and professional perspective on their concerns. My approach not only helps to improve communication but also uncovers the root causes of conflicts.

Heart BreakCouples in heterosexual or gay relationships can come for counselling for a variety of reasons. Examples include frequent and unproductive arguing, explosive arguments, feeling disconnected and distant, sexual issues, addictions, infidelity, life transitions such as the arrival of a baby, "empty nesting" and re-partnering into a blended family, a partner being anxious or depressed, falling out of love, feelings of wanting to separate, conflicts with extended family and so on. Couples can seek a consultation whenever they want a new direction for their relationship and aren't sure how to initiate change in their life.

Affair The following are examples of concerns that can be addressed in couples counselling.
  • Arguing and Unproductive Conflicts
  • Disconnection / Distancing
  • Falling Out Of Love
  • Anger Explosions / Physical and Verbal Abuse
  • Sexual Issues, Dysfunction, Differences in Desire, Lack of Sex.
  • Addictions (alcohol, drugs, internet, video games, pornography, food, gambling, infidelity)
  • Infidelity
  • Depression / Anxiety
  • Separation / Divorce
  • Parenting Conflicts
  • Blended Family Conflicts
  • Extended Family Conflicts
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