Specialized Assessments

There are specific situations where a specialized assessment can provide recommendations that may assist the Court and/or the parties involved to make decisions regarding a settlement.

WomanMotor Vehicle Accidents

Victims of Motor Vehicle Accidents not only suffer from physical injuries but psychological injuries as well. This can result in Post Traumatic Stress with symptoms of anxiety, sleep disturbances and loss of confidence. The individual is interviewed and assessed for psychological injuries. A written report is provided with a treatment plan.

Alcohol and Drug Assessments

In the event that a person is suspected of having an alcohol and/or drug problem that is affecting their work or personal life, a specialized assessment is conducted involving interviews and written tests. Recommendations for treatment are provided as part of the assessment.

Criminal Behavior Assessments

In the event that a person is charged or convicted of a criminal offence that could be linked to relationship and emotional/psychological problems, an assessment is conducted with an analysis of the person's issues and recommendations for treatment that may assist the Court in determining an appropriate course of action.

For a summary of my fees, please click here. Additional fees may be required for psychological testing.