Custody and Access Assessments

Child in StruggleIn the event that parents cannot agree on issues related to custody, guardianship, residence for the children, access, allegations of abuse and other parenting issues, they can request that the Court order a Section 15, Family Relations Act assessment whereby a mental health professional evaluates the situation and provides recommendations for resolution. A custody and access assessment can also be agreed to by consent between the parties without a court order.

The process is comprehensive and involves gathering information from a variety of sources including the parents, the children, extended family, professionals and friends who are familiar with the parents and the children. Psychological testing is utilized where appropriate. A detailed report is written which includes recommendations on the issues in dispute between the parties. The parents typically use the recommendations to reach a settlement without having to go to court and becoming involved in an expensive trial.

Bob Finlay has been conducting custody and access evaluations for 10 years. He has been an Expert Witness at the Supreme Court Level in BC and the Family and Provincial Court Level in Ontario. Please call him directly for more information or to consult on the usefulness of an assessment in your case.

For a summary of my fees, please click here. Total fees are determined by the number of adults and children to be interviewed, collateral references, volume of documents to be reviewed, and travel costs. Please call for an estimate.