Raising Responsible Kids

Raising responsible kids is every parent's goal. We want our children to be honest, hard working, to keep promises and agreements, to treat others with kindness and consideration and to use their strengths and talents. Being a parent is a tough job these days because kids are exposed to a lot of negative influences including peer pressure, T.V. and violent video games. We, as parents, are expected to be good role models, to be available, to enroll our children in a variety of activities, to provide a healthy family environment and to discipline our children without resorting to the use of physical punishment. This is a big challenge because children these days are taught to speak up, say their opinions and think for themselves. They often challenge us as parents when we attempt to make and enforce rules.

How can we discipline effectively?

Child and FatherYour effectiveness as a parent begins with having a positive relationship with your child. As a parent you have the most influence when your child feels close to you and respects your role as a parent. Spending time with them, giving them choices appropriate to their age, paying attention to your children all help to build a positive relationship and avoid confrontation.

As a parent we need to tailor our discipline methods according to the child's personality, their age and their abilities.